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Vendicari Reserve Trek, Siracusa Excursions

Vendicari Reserve Trek, a guided tour to Calamosche beach with Flamingos sighting

from € 45 / per person

Book with Deposit. Refund Guarantee for Covid, Bad Weather, Cancellations 24h in advance

Meeting Point
  • A sea walking tour;
  • Sea dunes;
  • Flamingos sighting;
  • Calamosche Beach;
  • Visit archeological site;
  • Swimming in the reserve.
  • Availability : Every day
  • Who can do it? : Everybody welcome
  • Duration : Look description
  • Languages : Italian, English
  • Opening Seasons : All year
  • Starting Time 9:30am
  • Minimum Age : 4 years old
  • Recommended Clothes : Sportswear, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, during summer bring swimsuit and beach towel for the swim
  • Optional Equpment : Bring binoculars for birdwatching, for who love wildlife photography we recommend the use of a telephoto lens for flamingo sightings
  • Food & Water : Bring water and snacks, box lunch for full day tour (not included)
  • Tickets : Entrance to the riserve € 3.50 per person to be paid on place (not included)
  • Parking : Available for a fee, price €5 per car, full day (not included)





The Vendicari reserve is an extraordinary oasis of biodiversity. Its flora includes hundreds of different species including Juniper, a protected species, and oceanic Poseidonia, an aquatic plant essential for the biodiversity of the Mediterranean. The reserve represents for over 250 species of birds, including the flamingo, a station to rest and refresh during the migration from Africa. Here nature live on symbiosis with the ruins of an ancient Byzantine settlement, the necropolis and the Byzantine cuba are still clearly visible. The reserve is dominated by sand dunes, a protected ecosystem for the nesting of sea turtles.



Vendicari and Tonnara 3/4 hours

The half-day itinerary is a walking tour along the coast to discover the many habitats and ecosystems present in the reserve, a nesting area for several species of birds including the flamingo. It will be possible to admire this bird from the lookout huts and from extraordinary panoramic points, while they drink in huge stretches of water. The Vendicari reserve represents for many species of birds a station to rest and refresh during the migratory journey from Africa. Along the way we will discover enormous basins of water which constitute the most important ecosystem for the fauna of the reserve, together with the sand dunes, among the highest in Sicily. The dunes are a nesting place for little terns and sea turtles. Nature is the background of some archaeological sites present in the riserve that testify the passage of peoples from different eras. An example is the ancient Tonnara of Vendicari, today an industrial archaeological asset that dates back to the eighteenth century, the Swabian watchtower and the ancient ovens of Hellenistic origin, today incorporated into the cliff of Vendicari, near which there is one of the beaches of the reserve where will be possible to swim.


Vendicari, Tonnara and Calamoche beach 5/6 hours

The full-day itinerary will lead us to discover, in addition to the places mentioned in the half-day itinerary, also the beautiful beach of Calamosche. What awaits you is a coastal trek that runs through the Vendicari reserve almost in its entirety, offering us the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful and particular beaches in Sicily. The trail offers an extraordinary coastal landscape full of natural glimpses and panoramic points, and allows you to get to the beach of Calamosche, whose particularity is both of a geological nature, with the two promontories overhanging the sea that delimit it to the right and to the left, and naturalistic, here the waters are among the most crystalline and limpid in Sicily.



Half Day Itinerary - Adult Price

Price 45,00 € 

Price per person; Deposit of 5,00 € Online; The rest of 40,00 € on place; It Includes guide and insurance; not includes transport

Full Day Itinerary - Adult Price

Price 65,00 € 

Price per person; Deposit of 10,00 € Online; The rest of 55,00 € on place; It Includes guide and insurance; not includes transport

Half Day Itinerary - Family Pack*

Price 150,00 € 

Price per Family; Deposit of 15,00 € Online; The rest of 135,00 € on place; It Includes guide and insurance; not includes transport

Full Day Itinerary - Family Pack*

Price 190,00 € 

Price per Family; Deposit of 20,00 € Online; The rest of 170,00 € on place; It Includes guide and insurance; not includes transport


The price not includes pick-up* and drop-off* service (*transport service from/to your accommodation). You can take part at this trek reaching the meeting point indicated for this excursion.


The Family pack is a discount price for families of 2 parents and max 1-2 children under 14 years old.



The private tour is an excursion with personal guide, it means that you will have a guide just for you that will adapt the excursion to your needs and your desires, contact us for a personalized price



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