Things to do in Castiglione Sicily, a beautiful sicilian village.




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Things to do in Castiglione Sicily

u paisi ru vinu e ru castellu


Called "the quastallum" (the castle) by a famous Arab geographer, Castiglione di Sicilia is located on a hill between the Alcantara Valley and the Etna Park, giving to everyone decide to visit it, nice landscapes and breathtaking views among fruit trees and lava flow. The village was dominated by Arabs, Normans and Swabians and it’s famous for two particular awards: the bronze medal for civil merit relating to its participation in the Second World War and the nomination like one of the most beautiful Italy villages. Thanks to its beauty, in fact, the town was declared with a decree on 1994 of great public importance.

1th. Walking through the old town

na passiata ndo centru storicu


Castiglione di Sicilia is a village between the Etna and Alcantara parks. Its narrow and old streets and a castle at the top of the hill attested its ancient origin. The town is full of monuments and artworks, especially churches such as the seventeenth-century Church of Sant'Antonio Abate, embellished with a bell tower with an unusual bulb dome, and the Basilica della Madonna della Catena, which preserves numerous and precious artistic masterpieces.

Things to do in Castiglione Sicily, Old Town

2th. The Castle of Lauria

u castellu di Lauria


The castle of Lauria dominates the town of Castiglione, and it was born as a defensive fortress of the city; it was built on the sandstone rock, surrounded by strong defensive walls and was a perfect military defense. From its highest point, in fact, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire valley and villages. In its structural complex two fortifications were included: the "Castelluzzo" and the "Castel Grande", for the first one remain some rest of the tower, the second are preserved some part of the tower and walls fortification.

Things to do in Castiglione Sicily, Castle

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3th. Byzantine Cuba

a chisitta ri bizantini

Close to Castiglione di Sicilia you will find a typical Byzantine construction called Cuba. The Byzantine Cuba is a simple religious building characterized by a dome with a square plan. The Castiglione Cuba is made up of a square plan, dome and three apses as a clover church. Built with stone, lava blocks, mortar and terracotta, it was rich in frescoes now lost. The cuba of Santa Domenica, this is its name, has become a national monument since August 31, 1909.

Things to do in Castiglione Sicily, Byzantine Cuba
4th. Alcantara Gorges

i goli ri l'Alcantara


The Alcantara park is one of the most beautiful area in Sicily. Along the valley flow the homonymous river passing by old lava flows and beautiful hills. The river mark the line between the volcanic area of Etna and the sedimentary stones of sicilian Appenini. In the Alcantara park you will find the famous Alcantara Gorges, a spectacular lava canyon formed by walls of cooled magma, inside which the most important river of the island flows undisturbed. Another beautiful nature site in the park is the Gurne, 16 small lakes formed along an ancient lava flow of mount Etna. Look on the right side bar if you want discover the best activities it’s possible to do in the Alcantara river park >>

Thing to do in Castiglione Sicily, Alcantara Gorges
5th. Mount Etna Park

a muntagna


The Etna Park is a protected natural area, founded with the purpose of protecting and preserving mount Etna, world heritage site and mother of every Sicilian. It incorporates, in addition to Castiglione di Sicilia, many municipalities, including Randazzo. The park, habitat of many animal species such as porcupine, fox and wild cat, offers to every hikers the opportunity to enter into symbiosis with nature and the volcano. Finally, it hosts a rich flora like the chestnut, the olive, the beech, the birch and the endemic plant of broom of Etna that with its little yellow flowers creates a striking contrast with the black lava stone. Look on the right side bar if you want discover the best activities it’s possible to do in the Mount Etna park >>

Things to do in Castiglione Sicily, Mount Etna
6th. Try Body Rafting

farisi u bagnu ndo sciumi


For the bravest and adventurous, we propose an alternative and adrenaline way to discover the Alcantara river: it is Body Rafting. This activity will allow you to discover in the best way the canyon of the Alcantara gorges. Your body will be dragged by current of the river through little waterfalls, rapids in the middle of the lava canyon, enjoying all beauty of the nature. Click here if you want try the Body Rafting at the Alcantara Gorges, find out all details of activity and book now >>

Thing to do in Castiglione Sicily, Body Rafting Alcantara
7th. Eating at the Cave Ox restaurant

unnu po mangiari comu si devi


One of the restaurants will offer you the best of the local products, is surely the Cave-Ox, located in Solicchiata, just a few minutes far from the village of Castiglione. The Cave Ox is the perfect place to appreciate the typical Etna cuisine and the best wines of the area; pizzas and regional oil are also excellent. An absolute reference place for whoever want experience the best food of Etna.

Things to do in Castiglione Sicily, Eating at the Cave Ox
8th. The ski station of Piano Provenzana, North side of Etna

chianari a muntagna

If you have organized your visit in Castiglione during the winter, the most recommended destination is Piano Provenzana, a ski station located a few minutes away from the village. A magical and fascinating place that combines the beauty of the typical alpine landscape with amazing views of the Mediterranean sea. You will experience a feeling of freedom that only this place is able to offer.

Things to do in Castiglione Sicily, Ski Station
9th. Etna Wine Road

u vinu di l'Etna


The wine of Etna is famous all over in the world, and what to make unique this wine, is the volcanic soil, that gives at the grapes a secret ingredient that comes from Etna. Every year there are two big events to discover the many wineries of Etna: Calici di Stelle (on August 10), and Le Contrade dell’Etna, the biggest event in Sicily about wine, that take place along the Etna Wine Road. This road passing by three natural parks (Etna, Alcantara and Nebrodi) and includes, in addition to Castiglione town also Solicchiata, Passopisciaro, Verzella and Randazzo. Another wonderful initiative came after the birth of the Etna Wine Road, it is the Etna Wine Train. Taking this train in Catania o Randazzo, you will travel at the slopes of Etna along the wine road, to reach the best wineries that produce the best "Bacchus drink".

Things to do in Castiglione Sicily, Wine Tasting
10th. The festival of seasoned Bread

u pani cunzatu

From 2014 every year on August, the festival of seasoned bread attracts many visitors and tourists want to delight themselves with delicious local bread seasoned and the excellent extra virgin olive oil produced in the area. During this day, you will taste the typical products of the place such as hazelnuts, provola and good wine. The festival, which takes place in one of the main squares of the town, celebrates the tradition and the art of baking.

Things to do in Castiglione Sicily, Seasoned Bread