Volcanic Cave Exploration during mount Etna hike

Etna Wild Experience, one of the best guided tour of mount Etna!

€ 60 / per person

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"A fascinating journey along the wilder side of Etna, across an ever-changing and unique biodiversity, walking through lava flow, volcanic caves ,forests. Come to discover the hidden side of the volcano!"

  • This hike has been recommended by important magazines and blogs like one of the 10 most beautiful treks in Europe;
  • You will see a lot of different landscapes;
  • Exploration of one of the most fascinating lava tube/cave of Etna.
  • Availability : All days
  • Sport Level : Beginner
  • Fitness Level : Everybody welcome
  • Duration : 6 hours
  • Languages : Italian, English
  • Opening Seasons : All years
  • Starting Time 9:00am
  • Minimum Age : 10 years
  • Clothing : Sportswear, Windproof Jacket and Hat
  • Food & Water : Bring water and Packed lunch (not included)





An intense experience into the nature. The best way to forget everything and get lost in the beautiful natural sceneries of Etna.
The trail begin from an altitude of 1100 mt. surrounded by typical lava fields of Etna. You walk along a beautiful path that leads to the eruptive vents of 1981: a lot of craters formed during an eruption with a massive emission of lava that flowed down to the border of Randazzo town. More brave will reach the edge to take a look at the shape and depth of a inactive volcanic crater.
The track go on through unique landscapes: pine woods that lead to ancient lava fields where colors and scents suddenly change. Step by step you will leave the world behind you, walking into a realm where beauty and diversity dominate.
At 1700 meters you arrive in a place with incredible charm, here the nature is the master and the landscape is extraordinary. You walk on a very ancient lava flow called rope lavas (only the 5% of the a lava on mount Etna belong at this type) flowed and cooled 500 years ago. In the distance sea is on the clouds while the smoking peak of Etna tells us it lives and breathing with us. This is a good place where contemplate the creation and take its energy.
A few hundred meters from the path, hidden in the depths of a huge lava field, we will find one of  the most beautiful lava tubes. In 2013, this natural site was declared from the UNESCO committee, World Heritage Site. The Lamponi cave is one of the longest lava tubes of Etna, it has three canals, the longest measuring around 300 meters. Inside the light go through some holes on the ceiling lighting up the darkness; a lot of geological phenomena inside give us many information about the biggest eruption of Etna. The exploration of the cave requires helmets and torches provided by the guide.

The actual duration of the walk is approxiamately 5h with several stops.
At the end of the excursion it is possible experience a  wine and food tasting in the historic center of the medieval village of Randazzo. Tasting price € 10 per person.




Adult Price

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Family Pack

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The price not includes pick-up* and drop-off* service (*transport service from/to your accommodation). You can take part at this trek reaching the meeting point indicated for this excursion.


The Family pack is a discount price for families of 2 parents and max 1-2 children under 12 years old.



The private tour is an excursion with personal guide, it means that you will have a guide just for you that will adapt the excursion to your needs and your desires, contact us for a personalized price