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*Since May 17th 2021 our activities are available and bookable every day. At this time Sicily is a Yellow zone wher it's possible outdoor activities and move inside the region. For more information on Covid-19 provisions read the FAQ below.

17th May 2021

All you need to know for a Covid free excursion

Use of the mask

You have to use mask pre and post excursion, and in particular conditions also during the excursion.

Social distancing

It's important to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from non-cohabiting subjects during the activity.

*Excursions availability

Excursions are always available except in case of national *decrees that stop ours activities or particular rules inhibit participant to reach the start point of excursion.

Equipment and vehicles sanitation

Vehicles and equipments for carrying out the activities are carefully sanitized, it is advisable, if possible, to use personal equipments.

Small group

We observe the rules that prohibit gatherings, so it is not possible to book excursions for big groups.

Cancelation or changings

In case of decrees that prevent you from participating in activity you previously booked, you can change or cancel your booking contacting us with the same email or chat used to book.

Deposit Refund

It's possible request the refund of deposit for reasons related to Covid-19. COVID reasons suitable for request refund are: the provisions of state, regions, municipalities or any other government institution, which prevent participation and/or carrying out the activity.

Rental equipment

We thoroughly sanitize all rental equipments, we recommend to use or purchase personal equipment. Attention the rental is not always available due by Covid restrictions.

Useful app to fight Covid-19


If you are travelling in Sicily, download the app Sicilia + Si Cura and register yourself. It will allows you to get health services in case of need.


Ice is an app that creates a notification visible on the lock screen containing all the necessary information about you and your contacts in case of emergency. Very easy to set up, make sure you enable notifications.


Immuni is the official government app for the COVID-19 Emergency. The app is developed and released in full compliance with the protection of the user's personal data and current legislation.

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